In the afternoon, we propose many activities.

The day before an excursion, we will pass around an information and a sign-up sheet concerning the activity. Excursions organized by us will be chaperoned by staff members, and will be offered in function of students’ desires.

You know it's going to be a good day when you wake up to a bowl of steaming hot chocolate and fresh croissants. There are some things the French just know how to do right. And what about the easy elegance with which they dress, the long Beaujolais-filled lunches, the liberal use of herbs and fresh produce…there's a real joie de vivre there somewhere. Anyone who's had the good fortune to travel in Provence will know that France is a treasure trove of lavender fields, magnificent châteaux, sumptuous vineyards, glistening coastlines, snow-capped peaks and much more. And with a reputation for speaking the world's most romantic language, maybe there's something to say about the people too…

Provence is known for its superb rosé wines. Amateurs will therefore find a large selection of local wines, which offer you the joy of discovering one of the French culture’s most pleasant features.

Frejus is also a historical city. Since antiquity it has been an important place in the Mediterranean. Here you’ll find Roman ruins at the bend of an alley and a medieval cathedral in the city’s historic center. Roman and mediaeval heritage creates a prestigious setting: arena, aqueduct, theatre, archaeology museum (and the two-headed bust of Hermes), military heritage.

Frejus is a lively town, full of concerts, outdoor performances, firework displays, etc. You can find a listing of these activities on the City of Frejus´ official website.

Good Morning France !

A truly beautiful coastline stretching over a distance of 7 kilometres and one of the largest unspoilt beaches in Eastern Var, in Saint-Aygulf. The Nature centre, the Estérel range, the Villepey Lakes... An unspoilt natural world protected by conservation measures.

Staff and students at dinner

Excursions with boat : Les bateaux de Saint-Raphael, Les bateaux de Sainte-Maxime

Excursions with bus : les bus Beltram

Excursions with train : SNCF, TER

learn french in france Here are some possible trips:

  • Saint-Tropez
  • Cannes
  • Nice
  • Monaco
  • Italy
  • Island of Porquerolles and Port Cros
  • Island of Lerins
  • Eze
  • The French Grand Canyon: Verdon
  • Esterel
  • And more 5 hours to go to Paris, to Italy or to Spain, you are in the middle of the south of Europe

learn french in france Places to Visit:

frejus saint raphael language Evening Activities:

  • Restaurants
  • Luna Park : country fair
  • Picnic on the beach
  • For teens 18 and older, trips to local nightclubs and hotspots
  • Evening market along the seaside
  • Bars and pubs

With one of our french teacher:


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